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Horizon Cabins is a neighborhood in Powder Mountain Summit, a 10,000-acre building on Powder Mountain that broke down in 2017. This ski-in, ski-out house, one of 14 completed so far (30 in the end), it is sold with its equipment. It is located at 9,000 feet above sea level, about 60 miles north of Salt Lake City International Airport and 80 miles northwest of Park City.

The Horizon cabins, designed by Brian MacKay-Lyons, a Canadian architect, are located close to their neighbors for social reasons (the project grew out of a summit, conference of events and community), but focus on the privacy of views and sunset awards. From the group, this house will be closest to the clubhouse for which basic work has begun, and the ski beach, an outdoor lounge with a fireplace and light bulbs.

Size: 1956 square feet

Price per square foot: $ 844

Inside: Like all the buildings in this steeply snowy and often snow-covered community, the cedar cabin is entered on the upper floor by a bridge. Inside is a living room with radiant dark concrete floors; vaulted ceiling lined with cedar; high-efficiency wood stoves; and walls of triple glazing imported from Finland. A ladder attached to a wall covered with metal slats rises into a low-ceilinged attic. On the other side is a white kitchen with a quartz surface and subway tile surfaces and a range of gases with five burners. There is also a powder room and laundry facilities.

The lower level contains a large minimal bedroom with cedar decoration and a private bathroom with an open shower with windows. The two smaller bedrooms have a shared bathroom with two sinks and a bath with shower.

Outdoor area: The covered deck outside the living room has a built-in grill. The building rests on short stilts that minimize its impact on the environment and look as if they are floating in the snow. (In spring, the area is covered with wildflowers. Once development is complete, it will be covered with evergreen trees.) The unit comes with one indoor and one outdoor parking space in a shared garage. It is bordered by thirty-four kilometers of hiking, mountain and cycling trails.

Taxes: $ 15,833, plus a $ 610 monthly fee for homeowners to clear snow from sidewalks and bridges, access to common areas and garage maintenance

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