Amazon will open 1,000 warehouses in the suburbs


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Getty; Unsplash)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Getty; Unsplash)

Amazon is moving to the “burbs”.

According to Bloomberg, the e-commerce giant plans to open 1,000 warehouses in the suburbs and cities across the United States. The expansion will allow the company to accelerate deliveries as it competes with competitors such as Walmart.

Although additional efforts, such as hiring 175,000 new employees, have already accelerated Amazon’s deliveries, the company is now looking to focus on proximity and add warehouses and deliveries for faster delivery.

An example of this strategy is Holyoke in Massachusetts, where the fulfillment center is located not far from a once vibrant shopping center and a short distance from more than 600,000 people, Bloomberg noted.

It is also said that Amazon will soon sneak into the malls themselves. The company is said to be dealing with it Simon Property Group Take over empty boxes of bankrupt retailers.

In the second quarter, the company invested more than $ 9 billion in capital projects, including filling centers, transportation and Amazon web services. In its latest version earnings call, Amazon said it will increase its center footage by 50 percent this year. [Bloomberg] – Sasha Jones

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