Brodsky Org fires two who were waiting for help to Asian victims


360 West 43rd Street Attack Site (Google Maps)

360 West 43rd Street Attack Site (Google Maps)

The owners of the buildings fired lobby staff, who initially closed the door and stood aside, while an Filipino-American woman was forcibly attacked in front of the Midtown estate.

Rick Mason, executive director of management at the Brodsky organization, which owns a luxury apartment building, told residents in an e-mail that both employees had not complied with “required emergency and safety protocols,” the New York Times reported.

“Because of this, their employment was terminated with immediate effect,” Mason said in an email.

In an attack captured by a security camera last Monday, a man kicked a woman in the torso and head, saying, “You don’t belong here.” The incident is one of many attacks on Asian-Americans in New York and across the country in the past year.

Although the original video was only 25 seconds long, a longer version obtained by the Times showed that employees were ready while the woman was attacked and may not have seen the incident. A minute after closing the door, they left the building to help the woman and marked a police car.

Kyle Bragg, president of 32BJ SEIU, said the employees, whom he described as a doorman and a doorman, had actually helped the woman and would challenge their dismissal, as they have under the union agreement. He said the process could take weeks or months.

“We believe that we must eradicate systemic racism in all its forms,” ​​Bragg said in a statement. “We believe that all trade unions, especially color workers, who are often exposed to unfair treatment at work, have the right to a fair trial, as stated in their contract.”

[NYT] – Sasha Jones

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