Developers are making plans for the Noho office building


Scott Shnay from SK Development and Michael Barry from Ironstate (Google Maps, Scott Shnay via LinkedIn)

Scott Shnay from SK Development and Michael Barry from Ironstate (Google Maps, Scott Shnay via LinkedIn)

On the corner of Bowery, which is currently occupied by a one-story bar, the city envisioned a 110-unit residential building as part of its larger plans to resonate Soho and Noho.

However, site owners have other plans: They are building offices instead.

Last week, developers – a collaboration between SK Development, Ironstate and CB Development – filed plans for a 21-story office building at 358 Bowery, covering an area of ​​approximately 112,600 square feet, according to records from the Department of Construction. The plans require 16 floors of offices above ground floor and a community center. Morris Adjmi is listed as the architect of the record.

The site is located in the Noho-Bowery corridor, which is currently focused on low-rise production buildings. If the city’s Soho / Noho resonance proposal is finally approved, developers could build a residential structure of approximately 117,000 square feet if it included affordable housing.

But Michael Barry of Ironstate he said resonance does not disrupt the group’s plans.

“Basically, we stick to the current plan we have,” he said. “Not that it’s not an exciting theory.”

The Department of Spatial Planning did not comment immediately on the new application for construction.

Last October, CB Development bought a $ 35.5 million stake in 358 Bowery from hotelier Eric Goode, who amassed air rights from a neighboring property to pave the way for major construction on site.

Ironstate and SK concluded a land lease of the property at the end of 2019, and at the end of 2020, SK Development submitted plans for the demolition of B Bar & Grill, which is currently its resident.

The resonance Soho and Noho are at the top of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s list of priorities, ending at the end of the year. According to a proposal of the scope of work issued by the city’s spatial planning department in October, the resonance could eventually lead to the construction of 3,200 apartments in an area of ​​56 blocks, 800 of which will be considered affordable.

The scope of the proposal also calls for the removal of current restrictions on retail use in the area and for the permission of certain buildings with a floor area ratio of 12, which is the largest currently allowed by the city.

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