East Quogue Development with golf course, housing approved


Planned development of Lewis Road (Pine Barrens, iStock)

Planned development of Lewis Road (Pine Barrens, iStock)

To dismay but not the surprise of environmentalists, controversial golf course and residential project in East Quogue was approved by a key panel this week.

Central Commission Pine Barrens agreed with the development, Newsday said.

Developers plan 118 homes, 18 holes and other recreational facilities on 35 percent of the 588-acre site. The rest of the land, located in the Central Pine district of Barrens Overlay and in the area of ​​protection of aquifers, would remain an open space.

It is the largest project the panel has ever considered. Attempts at land development date back to 2004.

The planned residential construction of Lewis Road, near Spinney Road, leads north past Sunrise Highway.

The approval of the commissions was expected because three of its five members – Suffolk County Dorian Dale, Riverhead Supervisor Yvette Aguiar and Southampton Inspector Jay Schneiderman – supported the project in a preliminary vote last fall.

[Newsday] – Erik Engquist

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