In Hudson, the Glass House for a growing family


The construction of this beneficial house was completed at the end of 2018. The basic structure cost about $ 350,000, Mr. Bearak said, which is exactly what the couple planned. However, the pool eventually cost more than $ 200,000 – much more than they expected. He spent a total of about $ 1 million, along with the cost of the construction site, hot tub, smart-home system and finishing work.

When the New York pandemic struck in March, Mr. Bearak and Mr. Moore stayed with their children in Manhattan – they now have three daughters: Madison, 4, Lily, 2 and Margaux, 1 – partly because they rented their house on. Airbnb.

“There was a really nice couple and they were only supposed to stay there for the weekend,” Mr Bearak said. The guests were expecting a child, so he and Mr. Moore were reluctant to end the rental when they asked for an extension. “In the end, they stayed two and a half months.” (The couple is currently working with Mr. Bearak’s company on their own home.)

As for Mr Bearak and Mr Moore, they need more space with a growing family. In the spring, they plan to start construction of the guest house so that they can host night visitors and a separate office for work from home.

The plan is to devote time to completing the mixture, which will expand over many years. The construction of the main building, Mr. Bearak said, is “probably 15 to 20 years down the road.”

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