It’s time to try virtual reality. Here is where to start.


If ever there was a year to try games that could get you into an alternative reality, it would be 2020. As the coronavirus pandemic limits our travels and the endless news cycle burdens our minds, and virtual reality headset it can provide relief, escape and distraction (at least for a while) from real reality. It is one of the best ways to leave home from the comfort of home.

Gadgets-like gadgets that float on the screen in front of your eyes, creating a virtual 360-degree landscape, offer an immersive way to play increasingly powerful video games, art, workouts, and even spend time with friends. And it’s a good time to get started: In the past, VR headsets were connected to a computer and were unbearably expensive for most people. But the new generation is surprisingly accessible. Facebook recently launched Oculus Quest 2, a $ 300 headset that Wirecutter named the best because it doesn’t require cords or a computer – you can put it on and start playing almost anywhere, even if you need a Facebook account to use it. The alternative is the PSVR from Playstation, but with outdated specifications and a new PlayStation due out in November, the PSVR will soon be obsolete. Other VR headsets, such as the Vive and Valve Index, are more expensive and require computers.

The fast-growing VR universe, accessible from the headset application store, will delight beginners of all tastes and ages, from the experienced PC gamer to your 8-year-old niece. Here are some tips to get you started.

SUPER HOT”($ 25), a stylish first-person shooter, urges players to kill anonymous red enemies with weapons such as weapons and ninja stars. The game, which was originally created for the PC, is perfectly projected into the VR – the game relies on movement to avoid bullets and hits. If the player stops moving, everything else stops. Not only do you feel like you’re in a “Matrix,” but it’s also a nice touch for beginners who can stand still and pause when they start to be overwhelmed.

If your pace is a slower puzzle, “I expect you to die”($ 25) is one of the best examples of the CoR. Each level is like an escape room, where players must use objects around them to complete tasks such as starting the car before driving it off the plane or destroying the machine developed by the villain. When players go wrong, they die and start again. This game is for a single player, but it’s still fun to pass the headset back and forth to a friend to work together over obstacles.

“Angry Birds” helped the world get involved in mobile games more than a decade ago, and the game works well in VR, where it has the surprisingly relaxing effect of throwing feathered birds at green pigs and their flimsy homes in tropical islands. Angry „Birds VR: Isle of Pigs“($ 15) also has the ability to create their own levels and add the ability to choose their own pigs, block materials and use as much TNT as you want for players who deal with such things.

If you only download one VR game, do it “Beat Saber”($ 30). It’s reminiscent of the arcade hit “Dance Dance Revolution,” but instead of pedaling to the beat of the music, players move and swing two light sabers to cut through flying boxes. Break this game at the party and guests of all ages can play immediately – or laugh at the wearers of the headset as they swing their hands wildly and bounce from side to side. It also does and great workout for family members who are missing days at the gym.

Deep with story, riddles and action, “Half-life: Alyx“($ 60) is a critically acclaimed game that combines the stories of the beloved” Half-Life “and” Half-Life 2. “Players gather resources, fight enemies, and most impressively explore a virtual landscape rich in detail and opportunities to interact. It seems to me like a full-fledged game that many of the first VR users are waiting for. Catch? It’s a game for PC VR, which means it uses the power of a high-end computer to render all its effects. It also requires Oculus Link cable ($ 80) for running it on Quest 2 (owning a PC and Cable Link will give you many more VR games at your fingertips).

POPULATION: ONE“(Launched October 22) may not stand out among the increasingly crowded Battle Royale games available for Xbox or PlayStation, but it’s the first good choice for VR. Fall into the city with a unit and then collect weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to survive the coming battle. The ever-shrinking playing field moves players closer and closer to enemies and forces them to fight to see which team survives last, making it an adrenaline rush.

Who else dreamed of being an Ender Wiggin as a child? “Echo Arena”, part “Echo VR“(Free) transports the player to a zero-gravity battle room that looks like it’s straight from” Ender’s Game. ” Competitors throw themselves off walls and obstacles in the hope of throwing a disc through the opponent’s team’s goal – but watch out for opponents who are trying to hit a blow. It’s a great game that you can try with a friend who also has a headset and shows the promising future of sports games rediscovered for VR. Players should be sure to clear the room before playing so that they do not play with any furniture.

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