Mayor Bill de Blasio demands a return to the office


Under pressure from business leaders, Mayor Bill de Blasio calls to return to office (Getty)

Under pressure from business leaders, Mayor Bill de Blasio calls to return to office (Getty)

Mayor Bill de Blasio, under growing pressure from real estate and other business leaders, has finally called on workers to return to their desks and resume garbage collection on Tuesday.

While offices can reopen to 50 percent capacity, the vast majority of employees have been left out – preventing the revival of the city’s office, retail and residential markets. The city plans to bring thousands of its employees back to its workplaces through a gradual initiative, Politico said.

“It’s time to start moving, more and more,” de Blasio told a news conference.

The mayor also announced a cleanliness initiative focused on streets and parks. It will bring back back to the operation of 65 garbage trucks – an increase of 24 percent over the current level of public waste collection. The trucks will go to neighborhoods most affected by Covid.

The moves follow and letter to the mayor business leaders, including property managers, calling for “immediate action” to improve public safety, cleanliness and quality of life in the city.

“People will return slowly unless their concerns about the safety and viability of our communities are resolved quickly and with respect and fairness to the various populations of our city,” the letter said.

Roughly translated, de Blasio’s message was: Do something about the growing crime, the overflowing corner trash cans, and street homelessness.

Continuing to work from home has led companies to rethink their office space and create fear in the hearts of commercial landlords. One study found that almost 70 percent Directors expects to shrink their offices. [Politico] – Sasha Jones

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