Ron Popeil’s Santa Barbara Ranch Hits Market


Ron Popeil and his estate in Santa Barbara (Ron Popeil, Zillow)

Ron Popeil and his estate in Santa Barbara (Ron Popeil, Zillow)

The latest pitch of inventor and infomercial King Ron Popeil is for his 150 acres Santa Barbara ranch with seven kilometers of trails.

But wait, there’s more.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Popeil, whose company Ronco manufactured and sold various kitchen appliances and accessories, is demanding $ 4.9 million for a large estate that includes a two-bedroom house and 800 olive trees. In 2007, he paid $ 2.1 million for the property.

The ranch focuses on a house from the 1800s era, which has decks and covered terraces that allow views below. The trails lead up and around the nearby mountains. There is also a two-bedroom guest house.

There is also a swimming pool and riding equipment. Adam McKaig and Douglas Elliman have a list.

Popeil, now 85, has been a staple on television for decades, best known for the phrase, “But wait, there’s more!”

Over the years, he has sold a variety of products, mostly kitchen equipment such as food dryers, beef shredders and Showtime grills. To do this, all the spectators had to do, “Set it up and forget about it!” Popeil said. He sold Ronco for $ 55 million in 2005, but continued to serve as a spokesman and inventor. [LAT] – Dennis Lynch

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