Ryan Serhant launches its own Brokerage, Serhant


Ryan Serhant (Getty)

Ryan Serhant (Getty)

Ryan Serhant marks 12 years in real estate by hitting himself.

The celebrity broker is launching its own brokerage, Serhant, which will focus on selling real estate in New York City through a global network of recommendations, which it has cultivated through its real estate course and a suite of marketing divisions.

The Wall Street Journal first announced the news on Tuesday.

In an interview with The real solutionSerhant claimed that he was not leaving Nest Seekers International. He will continue to work with clients and his team at Nest Seekers on existing projects, but any new business he brings in the future will be handled through his new company. Serhant’s team stopped in 2nd place TRDis the latest evaluation residential brokers with closed sales in 2018 in the amount of 480.5 million USD.

The birth of Serhanto’s mediation caused tension on this journey.

In June, a dispute over a new development building between Serhant and Nest Seekers CEO Eddie Shapir sparked rumors that the company and its famous agent were breaking up, but both Serhant and Shapiro vehemently denied any problems.

“We’re constantly negotiating exclusivity,” Serhant said at the time. “I’m in my office … nothing’s happening.”

Shapiro stood behind Serhant’s account. “There is no dispute,” he said. “Everything’s fine … as usual.”

But two insiders who later spoke TRD on condition of anonymity, the celebrity broker and Nest Seekers have been developing their relationship at least since the beginning of the year. However, the process was uneven and Serhant’s plans, according to their accounts, were shrouded in mystery.

They say members of the Serhant team were not told about the details and timeline of the new Serhant business, or what would happen to them. As a result, some agents sought positions with competing firms, while others took on new roles outside of Serhant’s team within Nest Seekers.

“Ryan was silent,” said one of the insiders. “Many of them don’t appreciate the fact that they were a bit left in the dark.”

Serhant admitted that there was wear and tear on his team, but denied that his relationship with Shapiro’s company was “unfolding.”

“Most of my team is still in Nest Seekers,” he said. His team at the brokerage company now has 40 agents 62 last year. The number of his new companies is 20.

Serhant said he deliberately hid the reports of his mediation in secret and described it as a “personal choice”, which he compared to how he and his wife Emilia Bechrakis Serhant kept her pregnancy secret from everyone, including their family members.

“It wasn’t sitting with my whole team,” he said. “Maybe it’s a spiritual person in me who thinks you have to do some things in person.”

Nest Seekers has launched a new development division called Nest Seekers New Development Group, which now markets and sells several Serhant projects, including a 77-unit condominium in Long Island City, where there are traces of celebrity brokers.

“He left a lot on the table, you know,” one insider said, adding that Serhant’s Soho office had been turned into a conference room.

Serhant denied leaving his business at Nest Seekers.

“What I built is me and my brand,” he said. “All my clients are fully aware of my plans.”

As for his former office in Soho, Serhant said he had not been there “for some time.”

“The conference room sounds like a good use,” he said.

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