The Broadway actor becomes a Hamptons broker


Kyle Barisich (iStock)

Kyle Barisich (iStock)

With Broadway Dark, one actor works his way back into the spotlight in an unconventional way.

Kyle Barisich, who played by Raoul (and almost every other male role) in “The Phantom of the Opera” for 11 years as a social media and marketing manager and broker for the Compass CeeJack team in Sag Harbor.

“It’s a pivot year for actors, for people in the fine arts and for people in so many other industries who depend on people working together to make their business work,” Barisich said.

In addition to starring in the movie “Phantom” on Broadway and in productions in other cities, Barisich and recurring roles as Hopkins in the Fox television series “The Following.”

Barisich has always been fascinated by real estate: He remembers pretending to be a buyer who crept into an open house as a teenager. He obtained a license last year and worked on recommendations before joining the full-time position as the pandemic lengthened.

Barisich’s arrival in the Hamptons brokerage occurs because the team saw a 108 percent increase in sales volume compared to 2019.

If Barisich is not on the real estate scene, he will continue to play in Bay Street Theater in the port of Sag.

“I think there is a world in which I can continue to play and continue this passion for real estate,” Barisich said.

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