The goal is to open a store in Chelsea


258 8th Avenue (Google, Target)

258 8th Avenue (Google, Target)

Target opens another place in New York.

A large retailer has signed a lease on 258 Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, which is currently occupied by a large and bankrupt New York sports club.

Target occupies a retail space of 28,000 square feet at the base of the building to be built with mixed use, according to a spokesman for JJ Operating, who bought the site in 2017 $ 107 million. The building will include the entire city block from 23rd to 24th Streets.

A Target spokesman confirmed that a Chelsea deal was underway.

Target currently plans to open at least 15 stores in New York State, including branches in Yonkers, Times Square and Washington Heights. The Eighth Avenue store is not yet listed on the company’s website.

The retail giant recorded a record year in the middle of a pandemic. As part of its latest call for earnings, the company announced plans to open 40 stores per year Onward.

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