Towers for seniors in Manhattan and Brooklyn open


Home-style accessories are also a point of sale at the watermark on Brooklyn Heights, a 275-unit property on 21 Clark Street that opened in early October.

The 50,000-square-foot facility includes three restaurants, an art gallery and a swimming pool, plus a panoramic deck that stretches across the roof of the building, the former Leverich Towers Hotel.

The blocking Romanesque wreck, which last served as a hostel for Jehovah’s Witnesses, a 1928 building known for its four castle-like roof towers, was designed by Starrett and Van Vleck, an architectural firm behind Bloomingdale’s and other department stores.

The brick facade of the 16-storey building has been protected by monuments since the 1960s, so it has not changed much. However, only a few original details have survived inside, says Watermark Retirement Communities, a national company that co-built the property with Kayne Anderson Real Estate and Tishman Speyer. In 2017, the developers paid $ 203 million for the building.

Watermark restored the ballroom, which Jehovah’s Witnesses divided into offices to become Room W, one of the complex’s restaurants. There is an art gallery on the balcony, the first show of which will be “Brooklyn Collected: Artists Next Door”.

Watermark has spent $ 2 million on personal protective equipment for employees at one of its 62 complexes in 21 states, said David Barnes, the company’s president. His mother lives on the property of the watermark, although he has not been able to visit it since March. “We’re pretty sure we can create a safe environment,” Mr. Barnes said.

Of the approximately 55 units leased so far in Brooklyn, no one has backed down yet, although not all tenants plan to move in immediately.

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