We continue until her first purchase in Manhattan. What could she find for less than $ 800,000?


Six years ago, Juliana Merola returned to New York after a business school in Chicago. During and after college days at New York University, she lived in various neighborhoods in downtown, but now she was interested in the other end of Manhattan.

“I’ve always liked the Upper West Side and decided to rent to see if I want to invest there permanently,” she said. It was important for her to test practical everyday things, such as going home with grocery bags.

She chose one bedroom in a 1970s hallway in the west, near the 72nd Street subway station. “I could do all my weekend errands and work and be easily accessible for my work in Midtown and for my friends downtown,” said Ms. Merola, 34, who works in financial services.

She was ready to make a move last year. “I’ve been saving for some time thinking about the right place to go,” she said. “If I had to pay the same amount for rent, I’d rather buy.”

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She hoped to find one bedroom in a pre-war cooperative building on the Upper West Side without a doorman. “I don’t like it when someone knows my arrivals and departures,” she said. “I don’t want my maintenance fee to go.”

That wasn’t a problem for her price range, $ 600,000 to $ 800,000. “There were more buildings without gatekeepers than with gatekeepers,” said her agent Jillian Maslow, an associate broker at Elika Associates.

Mrs. Merola also wanted a kitchen with a dishwasher and a proper 30-inch oven. “I prepare Thanksgiving every year,” she said. “I have friends to try different recipes.” I bake a fairly regular output of banana breads and chocolate chip cookies – simple things. “

Among its possibilities:

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